The Resurrection


Packaging design created for Mr. Chop’s album The Resurrection released on Now-Again Records. Mr. Chop is a producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Cheshire, England. The album features psychedelic funk, jazz and rock covers of producer Pete Rock’s greatest tracks, recorded with The Heliocentric’s Malcolm Catto, Jake Ferguson and Mike Burnham. The original artwork is from a long forgotten thrift store find: a book with many perforated images which were meant to be punched out, combined and contrasted for the sake of meditation and the contemplation of “the interconnectedness of all things”. The original image was a small, poorly reproduced thumbnail credited to Ovidio Salazar.

Includes LP, CD and 2 × 7 inch singles. Completed in 2009 with River-Jukes Hudson for Way Shape Form.

Matthew Boyd Graphic Design and Art Direction