The Fabric Room


Visual identity created for The Fabric Room, a wholesale showroom specializing in high-end fabrics and notions sourced from top European mills. The Fabric Room was created after Lida Baday closed her womenswear label in 2014, as a means of making the vast inventory she had amassed over 27 years available to the public. A new brand and typographic voice was created to give the showroom its own identity. Lida’s extensive archive of award-winning photography, shot by Chris Nicholls with creative direction by Diti Katona, was repurposed to showcase the potential of the fabrics available. The typeface used is an early version of Carnation, a display face mixing old style proportions with sharp, wedge shaped serifs. It was initially drawn as an excuse to explore Fred Smeijers’ stencil approach to letter construction, which uses a limited number of shapes as the starting point for an entire alphabet. The typeface’s name comes from pinking shears, which were in turn named after pink carnations, as the sawtooth cut they create resembles the edge of the flower’s petal.

Includes identity, custom typography, stationery, various printed materials and an initial website layout. Completed in 2015 for Concrete with Diti Katona and photography by Chris Nicholls.

Matthew Boyd Graphic Design and Art Direction